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Brief Description of Officers

posted Dec 3, 2012, 9:44 PM by LA AAMN
- Responsible for calling board and member meetings quarterly, scheduling events, certification participants. 
- Ensure local MIN is in good standing with CSULA
- Seek for potential candidate as future president. Liaison between local chapter to National MIN during quarterly conference call. 
- Representation of local chapter on the national organization's chapter. Attend Annual National Convention. 

President Elect/Vice President
- Collaborating with the president in managing/sharing the responsibilities. Prepare to be the next president.  

- Due collection, new member welcome. 
- Purchasing T-shirts for members, selling T-shirts and other products during different events
- Organize Fund Raising Events and seek more opportunities to raise funds for the organization. 

- Email blast to members on upcoming events and meetings.
- Responsible for recording quarterly board officer meeting minutes and send to the members.

- Responsible for capturing the memorable pictures for different events. 

Public Relations
- Liaison between the board and the classes, going to different classes to recruit new members for the organization
- Explain to potential members benefits of joining MIN
- Create flyers for different events along with webmaster or as needed

- update the website quarterly to keep it up to date.
- Manage online member list page for the board to review.